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Forum Release


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Hello all!

Just some things to announce for our first article post.

We're happy to announce the release of the new forums! Pretty damn cool, be sure to register in game using /register! We have began working on the setup of the forums, (creating forums, organising and boring back-end stuff) which can all be found in the #changelog discord channel.

We're also announcing that for a brief period, the staff applications will be open. We hope that players who have been on the server for some time will apply and wish you all the best of luck!

We've been going through some issues with hosting providers recently, however we believe these to be fixed and hope that there will be no more unexpected downtime any more. All of this information can be found live on our discord; use
/discord in game!

For this week (Start of June) there will be double rewards given for all voters of the server. Use
/vote in game or go directly from the forums!

And I personally want to thank each and every player who has logged onto Aquila over the last number of weeks during our start period. The support for the server has been phenomenal and the community is a strong driving factor behind the onslaught of work that Ion and myself have been doing over the last number of weeks. The server has been ironed and progressed so much in the past number of days and weeks that it is hard to think back to a time where it didn't exist at all, only weeks ago. I have great confidence for this server and am hoping that every one of you do also.